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ORA Nebula Picasso Clownfish (Amphiron Percula) - Captive Bred

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Nebula Picasso Percula Clownfish

Over the years of raising thousands of Amphiprion percula and countless generations with a variety of complex patterns, we started collecting the spontaneous few specimens that displayed a blurred or smudged appearance to their aberrant markings. Around the same time these fish started popping up worldwide and the name that was adopted for this specific pattern was Nebula. 

The ORA Nebula Picasso will typically have a much more elaborate pattern than a Picasso type fish, and will have a foggy smear of white somewhere along the margins of their white striping. As the fish matures, black fills in throughout the body, giving the hazy nebula shapes an impressive blueish hue. A remarkable and rare fish from our production!