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Red Sea ReefATO+ Auto Top Off System

$ 199.00

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Introducing the ReefATO+ Auto Top-Off System: Not Just an ATO, It's an Aquatic Ecosystem Management Tool!

Reliable Auto Top-Off System Never worry about fluctuating water levels again. The ReefATO+ ensures your aquarium's water level remains steady by automatically adding water as needed.

Built-in Temperature Monitor Keep your aquatic friends in their comfort zone. The integrated temperature sensor provides accuracy within ±0.1°, enabling you to set precise temperature ranges on the ReefBeat App. Stay informed with real-time temperature data and receive notifications if the temperature goes outside your specified range.

Leak Detector Included Protect your investment and prevent disasters. The Reef-Spec leak detector swiftly identifies saltwater and RO/DI water leaks. If a leak is detected, the ATO function is halted, and an optional alarm sounds. Stay connected through your smartphone with instant leak alerts.

ReefBeat App Connected Experience seamless control at your fingertips. The ReefATO+ effortlessly integrates with the ReefBeat ecosystem, offering comprehensive control over your aquarium's components. Monitor water levels, track fill volumes, and access temperature logs within the past 28 days. Adjust settings to suit your aquarium's unique needs and receive real-time alerts for peace of mind.

Water Level Sensor Dependable water level management with a safety net. The ReefATO+ sensor features redundant probes, ensuring accurate water level measurements. An additional backup sensor positioned 1" above the primary sensors safeguards against overfilling.

Temperature Monitoring Precision temperature control for thriving aquatic life. The pre-calibrated temperature sensor boasts ±0.1° accuracy. Define desired and acceptable temperature ranges on the ReefBeat App. Receive notifications for any temperature deviations and access detailed temperature logs for the past 28 days.

ATO Pump Efficient water flow management for any tank size. The quiet, variable flow ATO pump features a compact 1.8" diameter to fit in tight spaces. With a max flow rate of 75 gph and a max head of 8', the pump ensures optimal water circulation. Enjoy automatic pump shutdown and alerts through ReefBeat if issues arise.

Leak Detector Early leak detection for maximum protection. The highly sensitive Reef-Spec leak detector uses titanium probes to detect saltwater and RO/DI water leaks. Upon detection, the ATO is paused, and audible alarms, along with mobile notifications, provide quick responses.

Smart Controller Masterful control and customization for your ecosystem. The smart controller manages all ReefATO+ components, connecting seamlessly with the ReefBeat ecosystem. Monitor water levels, adjust settings, and receive real-time alerts, all from your smartphone.

Installation Kit Easy setup for your convenience. The kit includes a sensor holder, magnetic corner bracket for glass mounting, 10' silicone tubing, a silent flow tube holder, and a siphon breaker.

ReefBeat App Your aquarium's command center in your pocket. The ReefBeat App unifies all Red Sea smart devices, offering synchronized control and monitoring. Stay updated on device status with a single glance.

What's in the Box?

  • ATO+ Controller
  • 12v DC Pump
  • ATO Level & Temperature Sensor
  • Sensor Holder & Magnetic Corner Bracket
  • Leak Detector
  • 10' Silicone Tubing
  • Tube Holder
  • Siphon Break
  • Power Supply

Transform your aquarium management experience with the ReefATO+ Auto Top-Off System. Make your underwater world thrive with consistent water levels, precise temperature control, leak prevention, and unparalleled convenience. Dive into the future of aquarium maintenance today!