About Us

We have built many spectacular reef tanks in Los Angeles over the past ten years. Additionally, acquiring and farming a wide variety of coral is our passion. As a business, we believe that people come to us for our experience. This is why we have taken our time to build the most comprehensive reef-keeping site on the web, offering only the products and brands we trust. And we've created Vivid Aquariums TV to help guide you. Furthermore, Dave has personally rewritten every livestock description on this new site to include what we've learned over the years. Our mission statement below is a commitment to education and quality which has remained consistent for ten years.

Mission Statement

  • Maintain a website where hobbyists can go to purchase anything and everything they need to build, create, and maintain a successful aquarium.
  • Offer top quality products and livestock for sale at competitive prices.
  • Only sell net caught fish, corals, and invertebrates that are well acclimated to aquarium life, eating well, and healthy.
  • Recommend products that we have used personally and know are of top quality.
  • Design, build, and install all shapes, sizes, and styles of high-quality custom aquarium systems that are user friendly.
  • Use high-quality photographs to give our customers an up-close view of what they are buying.
  • Share our knowledge to help our customers make educated purchasing decisions.
  • Educate our customers about the importance of strong filtration, changing water currents, adequate lighting, stable water chemistry, and stable temperature in creating a balanced aquarium habitat.
  • Support aquaculturing facilities and captive breeding programs.
  • Pay our bills doing what we love to do.

About the Team

Dave Burr - Owner, President

Dave is from Kensington, Maryland and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Business. Addicted to reef aquariums, Dave conceived the idea of vividaquariums.com in 2003, starting with tanks out of his garage. It eventually took over his home and turned into a promising career and business. In 2005, with hard work, borrowed money, and faith, he opened a warehouse and retail location in Canoga Park, California. Like a madman, he designed and plumbed the original Vivid store by himself.

Dave has been a hobbyist for over 15 years. He is an expert on building reef systems, loves all things coral, fragging, and an expert in aqua-culturing. His other hobbies include photography, golf, snowboarding, mountain biking, and surfing

Rudy - Quarantine and Maintenance

Rudy has worked at Vivid Aquariums for over five years. He is in charge of packing orders, receiving livestock, quarantining, and keeping the store immaculate. If you come in the store and say to yourself, "This is the cleanest fish store I've ever seen," it's because Rudy and Arturo do a great job.

Greg Rothschild - Video and Photography

Greg shoots our livestock photos and education videos. He is also our forum moderator.

Greg has been an aquarist for 15 years, the last ten of those keeping a reef tank. He's been a photography enthusiast for just as long. In fact, Greg says he bought his first digital camera (a Canon G1) just to take pictures of his aquarium. Along with reefkeeping and aquarium photography, Greg likes to take pictures of wildlife and landscapes (www.gregrothschild.com). He has one other hobby too - coffee roasting.