Live Sale Rules And Regulations

Live Sale Rules and Regulations

  1. Posted corals are WYSIWYG corals and will be the exact coral posted.
  2. Live sale corals are sold on a first come first serve basis, the first person to checkout will receive the coral, putting the coral in your cart does not reserve them for you. The coral is only yours once you successfully checkout
  3. There is NO FREE SHIPPING on live sale purchases regardless of total purchase amount.
  4. Shipping for live sale is $39.99 or for California residents $34.99 this can be paid at the time of checkout or we will send you an invoice for shipping after the sale.
  5. All live sale purchases are FINAL - there are no refunds or exchanges on live sale purchases.
  6. No additional discounts allowed - live sale corals are already heavily discounted, rewards points, credits and coupon codes cannot be used on live sale corals.
  7. Each customer is allowed two $5 corals maximum.
  8. In store pick up orders will be available starting the following Tuesday after the sale.