Vivid's Hawaiian Punch Tenuis

How to Care for Vivid's Hawaiian Punch Tenuis Coral

written by Dave Burr

Vivid's Hawaiian Punch Tenuis is a must have tenuis!  Those red polyps glow so bright!!  We consider this a slightly easier tenuis to grow, it acclimates well to new tanks and holds color well.  Once this coral gets growing watch out!  It might just be hot enough to make your water boil!  Most tenuis corals are considered expert level corals and are recommended for expert level hobbyists.

Placement: Mount Vivid's Hawaiian Punch Tenuis Coral using IC gel glue, or putty, on an exposed rock or ledge in the aquarium where it will receive direct flow and light. This coral grows outward like a table. Give it space to "encrust" and it will grow into a beautiful showpiece.

Care Level: Easy in SPS tank!
Lighting Requirements: Moderate to high (PAR 350-500)
Water Flow: Moderate to high
Aggressiveness: Peaceful
Range: Indo-Pacific, Grown in California
Family: Acroporidae
Water Conditions: 75-80° F; sg 1.024-1.026 (1.025 is ideal); pH 8.1-8.4 Ca 420-440 ppm, Alk 8-9.5 dKH, Mg 1260-1350, Nitrates <10ppm, Phosphates, < .10ppm 

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