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Flower Anemone


How to Care for Flower Anemone

written by Dave Burr

These beautiful anemones are easy to keep. They prefer to bury their foot in the sand, however they can attach to live rock as well.

Sting: The Flower Anemone has a potent sting that may harm other anemones or corals as it moves about the aquarium. Be ready to move corals out of its way if it should choose to anchor too close to them.

Tip: Do not try to move the anemone once anchored because its column, or foot, can be easily torn. Most anemones will die from a torn column.

Feeding: Feed large pieces of squid, shrimp, and other meaty foods several times a week. Use a feeder stick and touch the piece of food against the anemone. Its sticky tentacles will grab onto the food. Be careful not to poke the anemone.